TradeStation Automated Trading with Individual Improvements from EMET Trading Solutions

Enjoy our brand-new ideas and automated trading TradeStation options for your ambitious trading projects.

TradeStation is a famous brokerage company that is a part of Monex Group Inc. with the headquarters in Plantation, Florida. The company stands out with its perfect trading software that offers a lot of opportunities. Create your trading strategies, individual automated systems, and indicators for the platform with the help of the EMET Trading Solutions Company. TradeStation is equally great for brokers, newbies, and even high-volume traders with their 10 k shares per one trade. You will benefit a lot from our custom developments of TradeStation custom indicators, bots, scripts, and strategies for any complex project. We are true experts in developing creative ideas for trading with over 9 years of experience in this field and more than 1,000 completed projects that worked successfully for our grateful clients.

Why Is TradeStation So Special?

TradeStation offers the most advanced automated software, high-end technologies, and about 25 different apps. The company has developed two trading platforms – TradeStation 9.5 and TradeStation 10. The latter was released in 2017. It is a desktop platform with a user-friendly interface and excellent navigation. Here is what the company can offer you:

  • TradeStation Web Trading to trade from anywhere on any computer;
  • TradeStation mobile apps available for Android and iOS;
  • FuturesPlus for trading futures;
  • TSCrypto for convenient cryptocurrency trading;
  • WebAPI access.

It features some unique characteristics that have already been appreciated by users, such as:

  • EasyLanguage – the coding language that is very simple and easy to learn;
  • TradeManager for quick overviews of your current positions;
  • Matrix for direct order-book trading;
  • the best charting tools for deep technical analysis;
  • RadarScreen for scanning the market in real-time;
  • Portfolio Maestro;
  • the walk-forward optimizer;
  • a separate market scanner apart from RadarScreen;
  • a quick trade bar;
  • OptionStation Pro for option traders;
  • Simulated Trading Mode to get started.

Here you can trade stocks and ETFs with zero commissions. You can also make use of trading IPOs, futures, bonds, and mutual funds. We are here to help you with unique TradeStation automated trading strategies and bots that will be specifically and creatively developed only for your trading needs.

Why Is TradeStation Beneficial?

While working with both TradeStation platforms, you can get a lot of advantages and make your trading as profitable as possible. So, you will:

  • quickly overview all your orders, balances, and current positions and sort them by symbols or dates;
  • place an order easily by one simple click on a specific price for fast-trade executions;
  • add indicators, symbols, and trading strategies whenever you like an dformat all the charts in different ways;
  • have about 500 different assets simultaneously in your watchlist and add your custom columns based on the self-coded indicators;
  • choose the asset and watch the option contracts for placing your immediate order and start trading options at once;
  • use all functionalities of the platform in a simulated environment to learn how the strategies work;
  • get access to a lot of learning materials about the basics of investment styles on the perfectly designed YouTube channel.

We will provide you with customized automated trading systems TradeStation software may be improved with for your more profit and enjoyment.

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Our experts are ready to help with your trades and accompany you alongside the entire road. If you stay with us, we will automate trades on TradeStation for you to enjoy all the advantages of working with us. We are unique due to our:

  • Experience and Expertise

Our professionals will offer a lot of new ideas and solutions on how to improve the most complicated automated software.

  • Reputation and Confidentiality

We offer our clients the Non-Disclosure Agreement that increases their confidence about complete protection of all their sensitive data.

  • Professional Support

Our Customer Support managers can answer all your questions and solve any issue. 

  • Observing Deadlines

We value your time and trading opportunities. You won’t waste any minute – we deliver your completed order on time.

  • Dealing with the Most Complex Projects

Our cutting-edge TradeStation automated trading solutions will work perfectly with any complex project. 

If you get a subscription, you will have a chance to enjoy a pleasant surprise from our company.


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