ThinkorSwim Automated Trading with New Ideas and Improvements from EMET Trading Solutions


We offer a lot of custom solutions for automated trading ThinkorSwim supports on its platform for all your complex projects.

ThinkorSwim (ToS) is a high-end trading platform provided by TD Ameritrade for in-depth technical analysis and charting. There are a lot of features highly appreciated by traders and brokers for their convenience. 

The platform is not available without the TD Ameritrade account. Though, it does not require the minimum investment for account opening, so many traders sign up only for getting access to ThinkorSwim.

The platform allows for trading any instruments, such as futures, ETFs, options, stocks, bonds, and futures options. You can perform complex analysis on potential trades. It is great for beginners, experienced traders, brikers, and those who want to access a reliable full-service broker and trade around the clock.

Here, at the EMET Trading Solutions Company, we develop individual strategies, bots, and indicators for automated trading Think or Swim is supporting.

Our experts have more than 9 years of experience with about 1,000 successfully completed projects, so they can cope with the most complicated and ambitious tasks.


What About the ThinkorSwim Trading Platform?

The original ToS software was developed by Scott Sheridan and Tom Sosnoff in 1999. Then, the platform was purchased by TD Ameritrade, a US based brokerage, in 2009. 

The platform is available for Windows, Macs, web browsers, and mobiles. It can boast many stunning features you will not find anywhere else. They are the following:

  • paperMoney to help users practice investing without any financial risks;
  • Strategy Roller for strategy automation and keeping investments in line with your goals;
  • Market Maker Move for keeping track of major price changes and market volatility;
  • Stock Hacker for finding stocks that can fit your specifications;
  • thinkScript for better customization with the easiest built-in programming language ever;
  • technical analysis support with a variety of tools helping analyze data and make the most beneficial investing decisions. 


The platform also uses firewalls, encryption technologies, anomaly detection, and intrusion detection for your entire security.

We are ready to develop any unique and customized ThinkorSwim trading robot, script, indicator, or strategy you may want for your individual trading project.


What Benefits Does ThinkorSwim Offer?

The ThinkorSwim platform offers many advantages to its users. They involve the following:

  • getting a trustworthy broker for around-the-clock trading;
  • using a variety of tools a day trader may need;
  • no account minimums and free liste stocks, ETFs, and options trading;
  • convenience for trading on the go;
  • the industry-leading cost structure;
  • access to many robust educational offerings, including the paper trading platform for practicing strategies;
  • trading 24 hours per day, 5 days per week at any suitable time;
  • complete confidentiality and safety of personal information.


The experts from our company can make all these benefits even more apparent when we help you automate ThinkorSwim solutions for more revenue and satisfaction.

Get the Improved Automated Trading ThinkorSwim Your Trading Process with the Help of EMET Trading Solutions


We are experienced experts in development of customized trading software for any instruments and individual complex projects. Our experts are prepared to develop ThinkorSwim custom indicators and scripts, cutting-edge individual bots and strategies owing to the unique features of our company. You may completely rely on our:

  • Professionalism

We are prepared to implement any complex trading ideas and projects of yours by finding new and unique solutions.

  • Positive Reputation

We have developed strong Non-Disclosure Agreement guarantees for our clients’ confidence and peace of mind.

  • Support

We have the most professional and friendly Customer Support service on the market, and its representatives will answer all your questions. 

  • Punctuality

Our company delivers all the orders on time, without ever breaking deadlines.

  • Experience

We can deal with any complicated tasks for ThinkorSwim automated trading, developing all the features in high quality for the most ambitious individual projects. Our successful solutions are based on a lot of experience an expertise. 

We offer a convenient subscription to individual plans, and you will get something very pleasant from our company after you sign up.


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