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We offer cutting-edge solutions for NinjaTrader 7 automated trading to help you achieve whatever you want

NinjaTrader 7 is another version of a well-known trading platform that has become popular among traders and investors due to its convenient options. Our company offers professional support with best-working NinjaTrader 7 custom indicators individually developed for your projects of different complexity. 

Our experts have a lot of experience to complete your order within 5 working days. 

We also provide effective technical support during the first 2 months after you start making use of our developments.

Our company has been on the market for 9 years, having completed more than 1,000 projects related to trading facilitation and boosting. 


What Is Special About NinjaTrader 7?

NinjaTrader is a top-notch trading platform with a lot of convenient options for traders and investors. It launched its new NinjaTrader 7 version in 2009 with subsequent modifications. 

There are several changes in its performance including significant memory reductions, faster start-ups of the application, optimized real-time event processing, and additional support for fundamental data. They added a new Google adapter, substantial support for fundamental data, automatic connection to your broker or market data service, support of the OpenTick adapter, and the option of storing data in the binary format. 

You can use NinjaTrader 7 automated trading capacities more effectively now, so we are waiting for your new project ideas to put them to life.


How Can You Improve Your Trading with NinjaTrader 7?

The main idea of this version is to support automated trading that helps users even with little C# development knowledge trade on the platform with the C#-based Ninja Script. NinjaTrader is ideal for you if you want to get more instruments for technical analysis and automation. You will have access to thousands of applications and add-ons as well as the following:

  • optimization of streaming;
  • processing historical data requests;
  • creating stock trading strategies in code on the basis of the historical data called backtesting;
  • ability to determine whether to buy or sell investments that may result in a net profit;
  • lower CPU use due to the optimized processing of bar data recording;
  • access to forex markets and global futures, and many others.


The best advantage is availability of a free trial alongside the fee-paying version. You will also be able to utilize the automated trading software NinjaTrader 7 to trade equities supported by a third-party trader.

No matter how complex your project is, we are ready to help you right now.

Order Individual NinjaTrader 7 Custom Indicators and Unique Bots from EMET Trading Solutions


We develop our bots and indicators for NinjaTrader 7 automated trading with the respect and maximum attention to your project’s needs and requirements. You will get fascinating benefits from cooperation with us.

  • Well-Qualified Developers

You will be happy to combine your NinjaTrader 7 project’s ideas with fresh and unique developments from true masters.

  • Confidential and Secure Service

We offer the Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure your confidentiality and personal data safety.

  • Cooperative Customer Support

Our support managers are ready to answer all the questions within the development and testing process.

  • Timely Delivery

You will not experience any delays from our part. Your order will be ready exactly when you need it.

  • Extended Support of Your Unique and Complex Projects

Our experts know everything about trading software. They have completed a lot of complex projects. So, they will develop NinjaTrader 7 custom indicators, bots, and automated strategies for your project with a great deal of mastery and expertise. We are happy to save your time and effort.

Our company has a lot of five-star customer reviews. We work for your convenience, satisfaction, and future advancements in trading.

If you get a subscription, we have prepared something interesting for your pleasure.


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