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Our experts provide Sierra Chart automated trading system custom bots, strategies, and algorithms for inevitable success of all your trading projects.

Sierra Chart is an ‘old school’ trading platform that was developed in 1995 in New Zealand but enjoys its high popularity nowadays due to its unbeatable capacities in charting, live trading, and technical analysis. It is so popular because of a great number of trading tools for analyzing commodities, options, stocks, forex, and more instruments. 

The platform emphasizes the efficiency of performance while making complex analysis. It is quite affordable because of using two subscription tiers. It works perfectly for advanced day and short-term options, futures, and forex traders who are interested in development of their custom trading strategies and their automation. 

If you are one of them, the EMET Trading Solutions Company can provide you with new development ideas for unique robots, indicators, and other automation tools involved in Sierra automation for your best benefit.

We are a skilled crew of professionals who have been on the trading market for over 9 years. Since we have successfully completed more than 1,000 trading projects of different complexity, you can trust us with your most sophisticated ideas.


What Kind of Trading Platform Is Sierra Chart?

Sierra Chart has a bunch of well-developed and pretty effective features you can make use of if you want to automate your trading process and get the best results. They are:

  • Charting. All the charts are highly customizable. You can get more than 300 technical studies for existing charts.
  • Trading depth of market. It involves the representation of all historical depth of market data directly on top of the chart.
  • Advanced Custom Study/System Interface and ASCII (Language) tool based on the C++ coding language.
  • Sierra Chart Platform, providing an unlimited amount of customization.
  • Compatible Data Sources, including INteractive Brokers, LMAX Exchange, and TD Ameritrade.
  • Compatible Brokers, such as Advantage Futures, Discount Trading, Zaner, TradePro, and many others.
  • Number Bars. They provide insights into the volume footprints and price changes.
  • Screener/Watch List/Alerts. You can add or upload symbols to scan watch lists for pattern-based triggers.


You can also get access to a learning curve and manual set-up for trading processes running smoothly.

We can help you with all the developments related to automated trading Sierra charts by using individual approaches to all your unique projects.


What Benefits Can You Get from Sierra Charts?

You are sure to get a lot of benefits from using Sierra Chart in your trading projects. We will help you enhance these benefits with automation developments.

Among the most apparent advantages, you can consider the following:

  • basic to sophisticated technical studies;
  • great value for the money due to real-time data feeds;
  • super-fast software performance;
  • excellent customer support;
  • access to virtually any global trading instrument that can be charted;
  • a highly customizable layout and charts;
  • more than 300 built-in studies and technical analysis samples;
  • thorough depth of market analysis for live trading;
  • C++-based code editor for infinite customization.


You do not need to be a professional developer to make use of all cutting-edge Sierra automation services. We are here to provide the best individual solutions.

EMET Trading Solutions Will Provide You with Sierra Chart Custom Indicators, Strategies, and Algorithms That Meet All Your Project Needs


We can offer a lot for the Sierra automated systems, including unique bots and strategies development. You will get your custom trading projects improved and modified to your most ambitious plans. We are sure that our unique characteristics as a team always help fulfill the most complicated task. They are:

  • A Lot of Expertise

We will put forward the most unique ideas ever and support them with our prominent developments.

  • Trustworthiness

Feel secure and protected with our Non-Disclosure Agreement. We care for our outstanding reputation.

  • Constant Support

Our Customer Support crew answers all the questions before, during, and after the project is completed. 

  • Timely Delivery

We are always striving to meet deadlines, even in the most sophisticated projects.

  • Complex Solutions for the Best Traders

Even if you are an advanced trading expert and need some special developments for the Sierra Chart automated trading system or bot we will easily manage it. 

You can subscribe to one of the suitable individual plans right now and get a pleasant bonus from the Company.


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