Automated Trading Systems for NinjaTrader 8: Get the Best Options from EMET Trading Solutions


We Offer NinjaTrader 8 Automated Trading Strategies for Your Successful and Flawless Trading

NinjaTrader 8 is a modified and well-updated version of the famous NinjaTrader platform. It works great for motivated and active traders who are interested in buying stocks, trading futures, investigating forex markets, and who prefer easy and time-effective solutions. 

The EMET Trading Solutions Company provides effective support with NinjaTrader 8 automated trading systems and indicators developed specifically for a personal project at any level of complexity.

We have a lot of expertise and experience to provide your order completion within 5 working days. We will stay with you during the two months of testing your new software add-ons.

The most proficient developers work for our company that has been on the market for over 9 years. They have successfully completed over 1,000 personal projects with the five-star degree of customers’ satisfaction.


Why NinjaTrader 8?

NinjaTrader is an excellent trading tool for online traders and brokers. Its NinjaTrader 8 version offers topnotch charting functions, and the possibility to integrate the third-party trading software into its complex system. That is pretty attractive to online traders, investors, and brokers who use swing trading, scalping, forex trading, day trading, automated, or discretionary strategies for futures or equities. 

This variation is a perfect mix of more than 1,00 apps and add-ons that can be expanded and customized according to your preferences. 

You can order automated trading software NinjaTrader 8 expansion with new indicators and bots due to your project’s requirements. We will be happy to implement all your ideas.


What Does NinjaTrader 8 Add to Your Trading Process?

NinjaTrader 8 has become very popular since its release because it adds the open user framework and more effective instruments. Though the system is closed, you can order individual components, such as strategies and indicators from the third parties, for example, from EMET Trading Solutions. You can also opt for drawing tools and layouts that most suit your purposes.

You can also receive such benefits as:

  • advanced charting functions;
  • top-notch tools for market analysis;
  • conditions to develop additional automated trading strategies;
  • back-testing possibilities;
  • access to the most updated market analytics;
  • various optimization functions;
  • trading simulations for free;
  • a perfect trading journal with accurately integrated key figures;
  • free use for almost all functions.


We are ready to develop individual bots, additional strategies, and indicators for your automated trading with NinjaTrader 8 project.

Individual Developments of Automated Trading Software NinjaTrader 8  Options from EMET Trading Solutions


Our developments of unique NinjaTrader 8 automated trading strategies for your project can ensure your constant success and great rewards. Our company’s policy follows the principles of fairness and straightforwardness you will never find anywhere on the market. You will benefit from:

  • Professional Staff

Our developers know everything about your trade automation needs. You will get your project supported with fresh ideas and reliable add-ons.

  • Data Protection and Confidentiality

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement will ensure your peace of mind.

  • Knowledgeable Customer Support

You can ask any questions related to your trading project and software or share all your concerns. You will always get a professional and optimal answer.

  • Time Is Money

We understand this principle very well, so you will get your order completed without any delays.

  • Complicated Solutions

We are true experts, so we know well what to do with the most complex projects. You can opt for individual NinjaTrader 8 automated trading systems for your most sophisticated projects. They will be perfectly developed and work smoothly and reliably.

Our experts are here to do their best for your entire satisfaction.

You can also get a subscription and a surprise, so do not wait for long.


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