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Our experts provide MultiCharts automated trading strategies,bots, and algorithms for effective promotion of your custom projects.

MultiCharts as a full trading platform appeared in 2005 when Dennis Globa started its development for serving each user’s individual preferences in stock and forex trading.

The platform’s focus is on charting and automation. It is perfect for both novice and experienced traders.

The platform can operate offline and since 2011, it has been operating on the web providing users with stock and forex charts.

The EMET Trading Solutions Company develops unique robots, strategies and other automation tools for the MultiCharts set up automated trading for your best benefit.

Our crew of experts is skilled and experienced. During over 9 years of operating on the trading markets, we have successfully completed about 1,000 of complex custom trading projects leaving our clients happy with the results.


What Stands Behind MultiCharts?

MultiCharts comes in two versions found on and is a sole version for trading automation and backtesting. is the main platform’s program that is pretty intuitive and user-friendly. Both of them are flexible and they use PowerLanguage that is quite similar to the EasyLanguage code of TradeStation.

By using this platform, you will enjoy the following features:

  • real-time scanner for monitoring, researching, and organizing the stocks you may be interested in;
  • the trading room where you can find stock ideas;
  • charting system that can create up to 20 sub-charts with 19 chart types available;
  • a drag-and-drop tool to use the interface easily;
  • the Chart Trading Panel for simple intuitive manual trading;
  • the screen-space-saving Compact Mode;
  • Trader’s Calculator;
  • Symbol Mapping tools;
  • a tick-by-tick backtesting tool to take multiple factors into account, such as liquidity, price changes, interest rates, commissions, trade sizes, and many others;
  • the Order and Position Trader for a comprehensive trading summary;
  • the Quote manager data management system;
  • pre-configured session templates.


There are many other unique trading tools. The platform is available both offline and online. It works very reliably on Windows, however the Mac version is still coming.

Since the platform is meant for convenient trade automation, but not every trader is an experienced programmer or technical analyst, we are here to help you with MultiCharts setup automated trade management, using individual approaches to all new strategies, scripts, and indicators.


Why Is the MultiCharts Platform Beneficial for You?

You can get a lot of benefits from the MultiCharts platform with our help. You will see how easy and convenient it is to use all the tool the platform offers in the automated mode. You can get:

  • a proprietary charting and analytics system;
  • customizing your charts to suit your personal trading style and preferences;
  • adding drawings, comments, and images, changing colors, mixing resolutions, and many others;
  • making market analysis easier for faster decisions;
  • visual chart trading for placing orders and changing positions quickly;
  • managing stop, limit, and stop limit orders instantly;
  • creating and sending orders immediately to brokers via the automated system;
  • access to more than 250 pre-built strategies and studies that are customizable;
  • optimization of strategies with the realistic backtesting tool;
  • great flexibility with using different broker instruments and data feeds simultaneously;
  • updating charts from third parties automatically.


We can facilitate your use of these advantages with our brand-new MultiCharts automated trading solutions for obtaining the most positive results.

EMET Trading Solutions Will Develop  MultiCharts Automated Trading Strategies and Algorithms Specifically for Your Trading Needs


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Our experts will provide you with the custom MultiCharts setup automated trade management specifically for your needs in complex developments. 

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