MetaTrader 4 Automated Trading Becomes More Effective with EMET Trading Solutions


We offer the improved automated trading MetaTrader 4 with bots and indicators customized for individual projects.

If you need original solutions for Meta 4, address your request to the EMET Trading Solutions Company.

MetaTrader 4 is a standard trading platform that has been immensely popular among traders since its release in 2005. It was first appreciated by forex traders and then adopted by commodity, stock, and cryptocurrency traders and valued for the wealth of features and development options.

We can provide a lot of help to you for using the platform effectively with the custom developed MT4 bots and scripts meant specifically for your projects.

Our experts can cope with any complexity of trading projects. We have made over 1,000 successful developments in this area within 9 years of our operation on the market.


What Is MetaTrader 4 Beneficial?

MetaTrader 4 is a new version of the world-famous platform with the automated trading software that can be added from any reliable source. It offers a bunch of useful features, and its navigation, utilization, and setting up aer very easy even for a newbie. That is why it is so popular not only among forex traders but also with retail investors, and large institutions, for example, banks.

The platform is accessible from a desktop, online, or mobile app, and it makes its use pretty convenient. It has its applications for Mac and Windows operating systems. MetaTrader 4 is very safe in use, too. All the sensitive data is encrypted.

The platform is very reliable. It is essential for those traders who employ scalping or other short-term trading strategies. Though the software comes with pre-loaded indicators, it is very easy to add others that are immediately copied to the ‘Custom Indicators’ list.

 We are here to help you with the development of any MT 4 automated trading script or indicator for your needs.


Why Is MetaTrader 4 Beneficial?

MetaTrader 4 is widely appreciated. Every experienced broker or forex trader will recommend it to you because:

  • demo accounts to test your strategies;
  • easy-to-use dropdown menus;
  • reliability of all the features and options;
  • great technical possibilities;
  • a lot of options to add or remove technical indicators;
  • a chance to create new charts and select different timeframes;
  • instant trading options, and many more.


We will make your automated trading MT 4 performance even more enjoyable with our custom solutions and a lot of dedication.

The Most Cutting-Edge Custom Indicators for MT 4 and Trading Bots from EMET Trading Solutions: Get All Your Benefits Now


We are ready to help you with online trade and related projects due to our expertise and stunning features that you can experience only with us. We offer a top-notch development of a customized MT4 expert advisor robot (MT4 EA robot) and a lot of other features you will never get anywhere else because we are:

  • True Experts

Our ideas are fresh and our solutions are impressive and worth trying.

  • Caring about Your Confidentiality

We offer the Non-Disclosure Agreement for your confidence that all your sensitive information is fully safe.

  • Supporting

Our Customer Support is the most responsive and professional in the trading market’s services.

  • Punctual

We do our best to complete all the orders on time that is entirely valuable both for you and us.

  • Ready to Cope with Challenges

Our customized MT 4 automated trading robot and other sophisticated solutions are well-developed for your most ambitious projects to make your dreams come true. Our developments will be in full compliance with all your project goals.

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