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Our experts provide robot EA development and support with perfect individual solutions for backtesting algorithms and strategies for your success.

Expert Advisors (EAs) are very popular nowadays. They are pieces of cutting-edge software that deal with analysis and use internal algorithms and technical indicators. You can utilize them for notifying about possible trades and finding the best entry points for the most successful and probable trades.

EAs can equally help expert forex traders and entire newbies to calculate both the lowest price to enter the market and the highest prices to sell. They use user settings and trade signals generally available on the MetaTrader ⅘ platform. Our company’s aim is to help you develop and launch any individual EA trading robot as well as test and support it for your successful trading projects.

The EMET Trading Solutions Company is a united team of professional developers who work on the market for about 9 years. We can boast over 1,000 trading project completion for our grateful clients who are always satisfied with the highest quality of our developments.


How Do EAs Work?

We know how to make the best of the most essential characteristic features of EAs for the benefit of our customers. The main function of Expert Advisors is to process all the possible variables to make you perform trades. The software is created with the help of MetaQuote Languages (MQL) used as code. It uses a series of yes/no parameters to create a complex mathematical model for the most sophisticated trading strategies.

You need to make a difference between forex robots and EAs. Robots trade for you, while EAs just advise, and that comes from their name. We perform the development and support for both.

We will advise you on the most suitable EA for your trading style, since there are five main types of them – hedge, news, breakout, scalper, and adaptive expert advisors. Each of them has its unique characteristics and specifications.

You have several options to use Expert Advisors – either to build them yourself if you have enough knowledge of MQL, use the MT4’s in-built wizard for creating one with its templates, or merely place your order on our website.

Our experts will readily help you create any robot trading EA on the basis of custom brand-new algorithms for your individual needs and trading project best promotion.


Why Are EAs So Popular and Beneficial?

EAs are quite popular because they facilitate trading processes and provide the simplest way to access a lot of knowledge, different tactics, and get used to trading logic, even if you are a complete beginner.

Among the most well-appreciated benefits provided by EAs, consider the following:

  • accessibility because EAs are easy to import and use without knowing MQL, just with a few quick clicks;
  • time-saving because the automated Expert Advisor can work all day, seven days per week, letting you have more time for your work and family;
  • machine learning that makes your EA a constantly improving and updating piece of software with state-of-the-art AI technology which can learn much faster as a human;
  • flexibility allowing the use of EAs not only for forex markets but also for trading indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities;
  • emotionless trading that helps you avoid a lot of mistakes, risks, and losses;
  • backtesting opportunities, allowing you to run your strategy against a set of real historical data to solve any issues that may occur before entering live trades.


We are here to help you put any trading ideas of yours to life with the custom professional EA robot for enjoying all the benefits of trading automation.

EMET Trading Solutions Will Provide Robot Expert Advisor Development Powered by Custom Ideas for Successful Trading Automation


We can offer interesting solutions for your Expert Advisors robot, meeting all your needs because we are unique on the market. We use individual approaches to each customer and perform professionally because we are:

  • Full of Expertise

You will get a lot of unique ideas and solutions from us because we use all our experience and knowledge to make great developments.

  • Trustworthy

All your sensitive data will be reliably protected with our Non-Disclosure Agreement because we care a lot about our flawless reputation.

  • Eager to Support

We will accompany you with the best offers, solutions, answers to all possible questions and concerns before, within, and after the EA development process. 

  • Time-Saving

We know that saving time matters a lot for you. So we always meet deadlines and deliver the projects quickly and smoothly.

  • Happy to Deal with the Most Complex Projects

All experts in our crew feel excited and happy when they need to develop something interesting and sophisticated. Even if you need the most complex custom indicator EA for your ambitious trading project, we will readily deal with this task. 

Choose the individual plan that meets all your needs, subscribe to it now, and get a pleasant bonus from our Company.


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