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We offer adding automated trading to Ninja Trader for your best trading performance

NinjaTrader is a perfect trading platform that offers a lot of stunning options. We provide expert support with bots and NinjaTrader custom indicators for different projects.

Our experienced developers will fulfill your order within up to 5 working days.

You can entirely rely on the technical support during the first 2 months after the project completion.

We can boast the experience of 9 years and over 1,000 successful projects to facilitate our clients’ trading.

What Is NinjaTrader?

NinjaTrader is a great trading service provider from the USA. It was founded in 2003 with the headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The company offers brand-new software for active live traders as well as efficient tools for brokerage. Its performance is based on a funded account, and if you have it, you can use all the instruments for market analysis, charting, and trading for free.

NinjaTrader also has several advanced features that are available if you lease or buy its software. Or if you need NinjaTrader automated trading strategies and bots, you can place your order on our website.


What Can You Get from NinjaTrader?

If your trading activity requires a lot of technical analysis tools, NinjaTrader is perfect for you. It is an efficient brokerage platform that can boast real-time analysis, straightforward charting, customizable indicators, and thousands of apps and add-ons from the company and its partners.

Here, you can obtain:

  • access to global futures and forex markets;
  • test use and trading practice before you start risking your money;
  • video library and free daily workshops;
  • clean and fully customizable charts;
  • the support to most common order types, including stop-limit orders;
  • CQG Continuum as the primary data provider support for live brokerage operations;
  • access to CQG mobile apps available both for Android and iOS.

However, the access to premium features is fee-paying, and it may cost you a lot. If you want to trade equities, you will need a supporting third-party broker. We are here to solve these issues with the EA trading robot NinjaTrader developed individually for your project.

Order Individual NinjaTrader Automated Trading Systems from EMET Trading Solutions

We love and respect our clients, their time and effort, so we offer the deliberately developed NinjaTrader bot solutions for their individual trading purposes and needs. We offer our original services that you will never see anywhere else.

  • Professional and Experienced Developers

We are sure their ideas will add a lot to the novelty of your NinjaTrader project.

  • Confidentiality

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement is the best evidence that your sensitive data is safe and secure.

  • User-Friendly Support

Our representatives have answers to all questions and concerns that may emerge during the development and testing process.

  • Meeting Deadlines

We never promise swift completion if we cannot carry it out. Though, no delays can ever be experienced.

  • Reliable Support to Complex Projects

Since our developers are full of expertise, they deal with the most complex projects ever. You will receive your unique NinjaTrader custom indicators ready to use and save a lot of time and effort while using our well-developed bots and automated strategies, no matter the complexity of your goals.

You can see that our company always does its best for our clients’ full satisfaction.

If you are interested, opt for a subscription. We can offer something very attractive to you, but it’s a secret so far.


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