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Our unique solutions for cTrader Automate for getting more benefits and a lot of profit.


cTrader is an advanced platform for CFD and Forex brokers and traders with a wide range of features and stunning efficiency. It offers its users a variety of charting tools, level II pricing, fast execution, and advanced order types. Its straightforward interface is connected to the most complex and progressive backend technology that makes it available on various types of devices. 

The EMET Trading Solutions Company has a lot of custom ideas for boosting your trading processes and obtaining amazing results.

cTrader works very well for brokers, Forex traders, and real-time traders. 

We will do our best to provide you with customized bots, strategies, and indicators for cTrader automated trading.

Our team is well-qualified and prepared for fulfilling the most complex projects. Our over 9 years on the market and about 1,000 successful customer projects are the best guarantees of high quality.


What Is cTrader?

Initially, cTrader was developed by the British company CTrader Limited as a Forex trading platform. It has been specifically designed for ECN brokers and since 2011 is widely used by many prominent brokers and individual traders.

The platform has two main functions – to execute trades and work with charts. Its interface is extremely clean, straightforward, and attractive. It helps work with the real market more effectively due to its unique features and tools. They involve:

  • Algos (cBots) for programming new strategies and attaching them to the platform;
  • cTrader Copy for strategy development and automation with the cTrader contemporary C# API for writing code within the integrated environment for development, testing, and optimization;
  • cTrader Open API where you can build your own applications for web, mobile, and desktop use and trading from any account;
  • cTrader FIX API to trade conveniently via the standard accounts that is especially beneficial for retail traders;
  • cTrader Web as a universal version for any desktop browser providing easy access to all cTrader’s features;
  • cTrader Mobile developed for Android and iOS and optimized for tablet displays;
  • cTrader Automate as a perfect algorithmic trading solution to build trading robots and custom indicators; 
  • cTrader Automate API specifically designed for margin trading;
  • proxy connection settings to display all financial centers that are open at the moment, bypassing their public or corporate firewalls;
  • Level II Pricing or Depth of Market to see the instruments offered for buying and selling at certain prices.


We can create all necessary modifications of strategies and bots for the unique cTrader Automate software to meet all your project needs and requirements.


Why Is cTrader Special for You?

Getting a lot of benefits from using the trading platform is the main reason why so many traders and brokers prefer to use cTrader. Such advantages include:

  • getting the ‘depth of market’ information in several formats;
  • programming new trading suites connected to the platform;
  • obtaining symbol, connectivity, account, and error information to incorporate as many details as possible into automated strategies;
  • using the trading platform on the go;
  • receiving a flawless access to cTraders from any browser for Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems;
  • integrating new trading solutions, robots, and indicators into the overall system.


We are happy to help you develop and use the customized cTrader automated trading solutions for getting more profit and satisfaction.

Boosting Options for cTrader Automate Your Trading Process with the Help of EMET Trading Solutions


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Our unique cTrader Automate solutions are deliberately developed and tested for the most complex trading projects. 

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