Convert Ninjatrader 7 Indicators to Ninjatrader 8 with EMET Trading Solutions


Do you have NT7 custom indicators that you would like to use on NT8? Our professional programmers EMET Trading Solutions team is ready to help you.

It is known that NT7 indicators will not work in NT8 without introducing a proper modification. And while some projects may need only minor changes that still need peculiar knowledge, other ones will demand major rewrites. We are available to accept your requests for converting indicators, so that to make them compatible with NinjaTrader 8. 


Converting NT7 Indicators to NT8 with Us is Simple and Reliable

With us you may get help building your own replacement or to upgrade NT7 custom indicator to NT8. 

At your request we will create or make changes in the parts of your scripts to be in compliance with NT8 or assist you with your script in any suitable way. 

Migrating from version 7 to 8 with the team of our experts is easy and convenient. You just need to provide us with your project details, we will negotiate over the cost, terms, conditions. We will thoroughly discuss your requirements and start working over. 


Please contact us in any way that is most convenient for you and we will shortly reach you out.

All projects are treated with 100% confidentiality, you can trust our expertise and experience. We work to fully satisfy all your needs and expectations!

We are confident that we will be able
to complete even a complex project because:

9 years of development

Highly skilled programmers

Over 1000 successful projects

Secret offers

for our subscribers only

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We are happy to help!

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