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Searching for a programmer to convert an MT4 indicator to MT5? You have come to the right place. EMET Trading Solutions is a professional coders team with many years of experience and high qualification in the field, we are available for you to implement your needs and project requirements.


Switch from MT4 to MT5 – features

MT4 and MT5 can’t run on at the same time, in other words, simultaneously. So what is the decision if experts are coded in MQL4 language and how to run them on the MT5 platform? This is considered to be the main issue for programmers and traders to implement this migration. 

Working with MT4 EA on MT5 seems impossible from the technical point of view, and the existing MQ4 Expert Advisor’s source file must be modified (all or at least some elements of it), so that it will work perfectly on MT5.

Hire our expert programmers to change MT4 EA to MT5. The service is mostly of interest for traders who are willing to get the access to several other markets and instruments, utilize their netting accounts, conduct upgraded backtesting because of multi-currency testing, multi-threading and so on.

Our EMET Trading Solutions experts here convert MT4 Indicator to MT5 for traders who need additional specific instruments of analysis. To meet the clients` needs, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform provides a significant batch of standard technical indicators, time frames, and other to show areas, levels and patterns on the given charts.

Whether you need to convert an MT4 indicator to MT5 or vice versa, we are here to help you with the project.


Why convert MT4 indicator to MT5 with EMET Trading Solutions

EMET Trading Solutions is a team of expert programmers, we are available for all your platform conversion needs.

We convert Metatrader 4 indicators for Metatrader 5 with full integration of the logic and functions of the original system. 


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