Convert custom indicator to EA with EMET Trading Solutions


We at EMET Trading Solutions will convert any custom indicator to an EA. 

Converting any custom indicator to an EA with us you can easily turn a simple custom indicator into a profitable sculpting robot.


Why convert a custom indicator to Expert Advisor with EMET Trading Solutions

EMET Trading Solutions is a team of highly skilled expert programmers with vast years’ experience. We are here for you to implement all your ideas and needs.

Our professional team will get your trading strategy and develop it into a custom-made Expert Advisor/automated trading robot which will perform subject to your strategies rules and specification. We convert custom indicators to Expert Advisor for you according to your requirements with all industry standards. As a result, you get high quality, reliable, and stable systems.

You can entrust your strategy to trade based on the indicator to our programmers. 

High expertise, years of practice, good reputation on the market, readiness to work on all projects regardless of their complexity level, ongoing technical support – and there`s much more reasons for you to turn to our company. 


We at EMET Trading Solutions:

  • provide help to build and deploy scripts;
  • can add alerts in indicator;
  • introduce changes to your currently existing strategy or indicator;
  • modify or add new functions;
  • modify custom indicators for Expert Advisor.

Are you in search of professional coders for your project? You are at the right place! 

Contact us now and we will thoroughly discuss your project or advise on the requirements. We may guarantee an individual approach to every single customer and your full satisfaction for cooperating with us. All project details are treated with 100% confidentiality. 

We are confident that we will be able
to complete even a complex project because:

9 years of development

Highly skilled programmers

Over 1000 successful projects

Secret offers

for our subscribers only

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We are happy to help!

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