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Satisfied customers

I wanted to take moment to thank Vadim and his team. I have extensively worked with internet based companies on many occasions, but was delightfully surprised at how this company handled correspondence, and issues ...

during the project development. They were exceptionally professional, understanding, and quick to respond to all issues. They exhibited a standard of excellence greater than all my expectations. If your thinking about the complicated task of Strategy development, than I can offer no higher recommendation than this company for your projects. Read more Show less

Ronald United States

I've known Vadim since Strategy Runner which was an excellent platform. I needed some help with a complex code for Market Profile recently and Vadim did an outstanding job of creating the flexible signals that I wanted. ...

Vadim and his team are a pleasure to work with - they cut through programming problems like butter and get the job done. Read more Show less

Dr. Frances Horton United States

It's working perfectly. Thank you very much for your patience and professionalism. It was a much better experience than I had anticipated, and I'm very happy with the results. Will certainly contact you if I need help in the future.

Pedro Malzoni Spain

Vadim is a highly experienced professional in his field. He is very responsive to clients' needs and proactive in his approach towards servicing them. He is a very good communicator and he engages in thorough discussions ...

to determine the course of his work in order to meet the requirements and targets that his client sets. I would strongly recommend Vadim and his work to anyone who is considering development work in the high frequency or automated trading strategies arena. Read more Show less

Stephen Fairholme, Fairholme International Ltd London, UK

The attached is the "firstfruits of your labor"; superb Strategy performance! Please feel free to use me as a reference for any project here in the USA; indeed, let me know if I can assist you in building your business. Thanks!

John Wilson United States

I initially employed these people to do automated strategy development for me on the Strategy Runner platform. Over the span of a year a number of strategies were built and modified to my specifications. ...

When the SR system went down, I stayed with them in the development of strategies to run on the Ninja Trader Platform. They continue to provide me with the programs I outline, and then work with me on tweaking them for better performance-all at a fair price and in a timely manner. I'm an on-going customer and I highly recommend them. Read more Show less

K.L. Auburn Washington, United States

I am very satisfied. The project was well planned and the strategy was perfectly implemented. You have done a great job. I want to say thank you and your team.

Michael, Switzerland United States

Very serious and fast work, I am satisfied with the performance.

Franck Paoli France

I am extremly satisfied with the coding Vadim and his team provided for me. The time and patience they took to get things to my satisfaction was amazing! I can wholeheartedly recommend Vadim and his team ...

to anyone in need of the services they provide. Kudos to Vadim and his team!!! This is my opinion and I stand behind it, Vadim. You and your team have provided me with exactly what I want, and then some. Thank you for your time and effort. I know who i am going to contact if I need such help in the future. Again thank you. Read more Show less

John K. Kallevik Norway

Your support and service continues to amaze me :) . If anyone I know needs programming services I know who to recommend. Again you and your team have exceeded my expectations.

John K. Kallevik Norway

I'm very happy with the current v201. Thank you Eugene for your amazing work your a great coder. Very happy :-) Thank you very much :-)

Craig Redfern Sydney, Australia

Vadim and his team were very responsive on a very complex project of mine. I had a trading strategy developed by another firm that needed several improvements and new features added. Vadim's team learned my ...

existing code, repaired several errors in the existing parameters, and added new parameters that I outlined. They also coordinated with another developer I had used to integrate a custom indicator into the new strategy. The communication was always prompt and the turnaround time between builds was very rapid. Lastly, when the project was complete they upgraded the documentation of the entire program. I am now trading my much improved custom strategy. Thanks! Read more Show less

Ed San Francisco, United States

I am very impressed with the service that I receive from you and Alexei. You guys are 100% pros. Whatever I tell Alexei, within a day or two, problem solved. At first, I did not really think that anyone can ...

program my system. But as it turns out, it is slowly coming to fruition and I am having a great time with the process. Thanks again for your expertise. Read more Show less

Earvin Julius Canada

About a year ago I did not think that it was possible to program my trading method. Yet here we are, a little bit over half a year into this project and a step away from completion. I want to thank you for the skill level, professionalism ...

and dedication that you have put into this project. It still awes me whenever I think of what has been accomplished. The process could not have been easier, smoother and enjoyable. Life is full of surprises, I am just really fortunate to stumble upon your excellence. Read more Show less

Earvin Julius Canada

Yes Vadim, I was going to email you after the markets closed. I've been running it live for two weeks and everything appears to be working exactly how I wanted it to. Last Sunday when the markets opened it closed a position and reopened ...

the position and I couldn't figure out why but that hasn't happened again. Alexei is great. You guys were very helpful and responsive every time I contacted you. I am extremely happy with the finished product. Thank you! And tell Alexei thank you from me, too! Yes you may use my statement and name on your website and I would be happy to add a testimonial to the 3rd party site. You guys are the best! Read more Show less

Erik Fredrickson United States

A project completed ahead of time, at reasonable cost and very professionally. It was a painless process from start to finish. I really do not have many projects to program but if and when I do then I shall contact you. If asked by others to recommend ...

a programming service then I shall recommend Emet Trading Services. Read more Show less

John Webster United Kingdom

I am happy to report that this project is complete! All and more than I expected! Great work! It's actually better than the original version! Thank you for all of your time and effort! I look forward to working with you again on my other coding projects for Ninja Trader!

Brian Thompson United States

I was introduced to Emet Trading Solutions in 2017 and can only praise them for their diligence and efforts to provide bespoke programming for traders.

Jude Costa Blanca, Spain

Thank you very much for the final product that you and your team has coded for me - I have now spend a few days using the tool on back testing and used the build in settings that you have provided, and it is exactly what I have asked for! The finished product ...

is really exceptional, and I am very pleased with the end product! Thank you for what you have done for me! It was money well spend, and I will certainly recommend you and your team!! Read more Show less

Gert Bekker South Africa

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The Best Place for All Your NT7 and NT8 Programming Needs

Are you looking for a reliable automated NT7 and NT8 coding software? We have the best solution for you.

Trading tools are an important part of every trader's arsenal. Many trust NinjaTrader as it offers traders with every trading tool in the book. The platform helps active forex, and futures traders take calculated risks. With the increasing demand, NinjaTrader is now among the top trading solutions.

If you still use traditional trading techniques?

It's time to switch to NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader coding is not easy, so our advice is getting professional help. You may think you know the basics, but that's not enough. With time you'll need to tackle more and more complex NT coding. And at some point, you'll start feeling helpless. You will need some help with NT programming.

Before you reach that level, we suggest getting experts involved. Luckily for you, our team is fully equipped for your trading needs. From NT scripting to using the right tools, they are all set to assist you.

Expert NT Development Team at Your Service

We are a team of trading automation pioneers specialized in NT7 and NT8 programming. Our NT coding helped many traders switch from traditional trading strategies to NinjaTrader. With the best NinjaTrader script, you can fully automate your trading system.

We are a team of NinjaTrader 7 and 8 experts always working to meet your needs. Our team converts your difficulties into an automated trading solution. We focus on coding custom automated trading strategies.

The best part?

You get a reliable NinjaTrader script without wasting your precious time. Using our custom trading automation trading, you can glide graciously across trading platforms. Our ninjatrader robot can help automate the process helping you focus on the more important things. Trust our NT robot to understand what you are looking for.

Comparing NT7 and NT8 Programming

NT7 and NT8 systems are quite different to each other. While migration may seem easy, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It will take you a while. To get started, you will need to rewrite a lot of the code, and that can be bothersome if you don’t know how to go about it. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade.

With the 500 changes included in NT8, you get many enhancements. The 8's major enhancements are:

Our clients who migrated to NT8 report positive feedbacks about their transition. But if you are content with the NinjaTrader 7 interface, it works alright. By sticking to NT8, you avoid the migration process.

However, you also miss out on the enhancements. You can use NinjaTrader 8 on Mac and Windows, unlike Windows 7.

Why Choose Our NinjaTrader7 and NinjaTrader8 Programmers

Our team of NT7 and 8 experts convert your rules to automation in no time. Instead of waiting weeks for a project to go live, we help you achieve it in days. With our exceptional NinjaTrader programming, we assist our clients in every way possible.

Are you working on a new project?

Contact us so we can help you come up with state-of-the-art solutions. Our team will only begin programming after thoroughly understanding your requirements. We keep our clients updated about the development of their projects. Our programmers provide technical assistance at every step until the project goes live. And our services cover the testing phase and fix any bugs that arise.

We look to offer customized trading automation - and we only provide the best services. We work on improving your bottom line, so you enjoy the ROI from your investment.

Contact us now for any queries. We will assist you as soon as we can!

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